Spinal Decompression Therapy Is the Solution to Many Backbone Related Problems

Spinal decompression therapy is anon-surgical method of relieving stress in the spinal cord and relaxing pinched nerves. The therapy can also be surgical but it is the non-surgical variety that is practiced by chiropractors. Spinal Decompression therapy is amazingly effective for a number of backbone problems including disc bulge, slipped discs, and more.

Non-surgical spinal decompression is primarily done using traction that is generated by a traction machine. The machine is like a regular inclining platform or table with rollers or a variety of attachments. The basic idea is to relieve pressure from your spinal column and induce selective pressure on individual areas for setting any dislocated disc. The newer machines are completely computer controlled, and they apply a traction force to reduce the pressure between discs. Some of these machines are non-computerized and are primarily done by hand, albeit a well-experienced hand.

The therapy has been found to be very effective against a lot of spinal problems such as disc bulge, sciatica, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis and slipped disc. The therapy is widely recognized as very effective by general medical practitioners as well as chiropractors.

Spinal decompression therapy works on the principle that when force is applied to the lumbar spine, it creates a negative pressure in the center. This in turn creates a vacuum that moves the slipped discard lowers nerve compression.

This therapy is also used to treat several other conditions such as:

Degenerative disc disease: This is a problem that irrespective of your health we all are going to face. Bones naturally degenerate with time and so does the flexibility in the backbone. Spinal decompression can help you in at least keeping your backbone free from a lot of slipped or herniated discs.

Pinched nerves: There are numerous causes for pinched nerves such as injury, damage or simply age. A pinched nerve can no longer send signals as quickly as it used to. This can be corrected using spinal decompression which specifically targets the nerve and its cause.

Facet Syndrome: This is a direct form of degenerative disease that results in deterioration of the spinal column and causes a lot of pain. These painful conditions can happen at any point of the spinal column but most importantly in the rotating region.

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